1. Danielle

    June 3

    Aww!!!! You’re the cutest thing ever!!!

  2. OMG This must be a coincedence i was also thinking about longbloarding today. It feels so cool and relaxing. I wish I could longboard with you so you can show me some tricks. Well thank you for this post, I hope you read this! Have a nice and awesome day!!! Xxx


  3. Tai-lah

    June 17

    Your website is so sick…. and that’s a good thing. I was hoping you could talk about yourself in post a little bit more than just pictures, describe your interest or personality. You look like an awesome chill person and i would love to know more about you. Lastly your pictures are so cool and the layout makes them so different from everyone elses. Keep up the amazing work
    p.s it would make my day if you followed me on twitter… i know you must get asked this on a daily but can’t blame a girl for trying!!!!! @tailah54

  4. Just liked this post on FB. Thanks for the fantastic read.

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