Esprit event in Amsterdam

november 3
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Hello everyone,

So as some of you may have seen on my instagram story I had a fun day with esprit a few days ago. After having a good night rest in the Hoxton hotel we all had breakfast together in the city centre of Amsterdam for the Esprit Imperfect campaign.

The campaign is about embracing your imperfections which is a great cause especially in todays society social media is affecting a lot of young people who are seeing all the instagram models and think that is what being perfect is. Which is NOT! Imperfections make someone lovable and beautiful and in my opinion it brings you closer to perfection if you embrace your imperfections. After talking about this that we all had a look at the funniest,crazy and very good stylist Caroline Fuchs who I always find a pleasure to work with. I also worked with her in Santorini and we had so much fun! We had the opportunity to pick even more of the esprit collection and after that we started lunch already (I think I ate 10 hamburgers). We closed the esprit day with a boat trip,some cake and lots of wine 😉


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