Teva – Bali

oktober 26
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I just came back from Bali and had the most amazing time, met a lot of amazing people that I am really sure I will cross paths with again. The sooner the better. Thats one of the best things about traveling all over the world. Meeting new people, seeing new places and getting new energy from the places you visit.

Maybe we will see each other on the other side of the world some day 😉

Short doc with Rayban

september 28
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So recently I went to West virginia to experience a week of being Offline. That means no TV, no laptop, no camera and not even my phone. And to be honest i did not really missed having my phone. Off course there where some moments I wanted to capture the nice moments we experienced. But i would advice everyone to go offline every once a while. Not being distracted by your phone and clear your mind of all the nonsense the internet is showing you every day.



Offline for Rayban

september 24
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So there is this thing… I was offline for a few days and therefore I did a short documentary with Ray-Ban where I was in West Virginia to go off the radar. This means no laptop, no TV and not even a phone. So also no Instagram… Most people will feel very uncomfortable doing this. How do you think you would feel? In my next post I’ll update you on all my experiences.